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Chapter 1: Saved By The Handsome Stranger

     In a room at the Grand Horizon Hotel, two people were hugging and kissing in the dark.
     "Hey, be careful. You might wake her up..." The woman whispered while snuggling close to the man, whose hands were moving all over her body.
     Meanwhile, Bianca Scott lay in bed with a terrible headache and feeling feverish. Just opening her eyes felt like a huge effort. When she managed to crack them open a bit, she saw something shocking!
     Her boyfriend, Haris Carter, was holding another woman by the bay window-and it was her stepmother, Stacey Scott!
     "Don't worry. She's completely knocked out. The drug I gave her could knock out a wild animal," Haris assured Stacey, not even sparing a glance at Bianca in the bed.
     The next moment, Haris lifted Stacey up and started moving quickly, making her moan loudly with pleasure.
     Bianca clenched her fists, trying to clear her mind. Stacey had introduced Haris to her, so she never imagined her stepmother would sleep with him behind her back!
     Tonight, Haris invited her to dinner. She passed out after drinking the wine he gave her.
     It turned out this was all a trap set by this shameless couple!
     "If Bianca finds out she slept with someone else tonight, how do you think she'll react?" Stacey asked between moans.
     "She won't find out. As long as she thinks I'm the one she slept with, she'll be focused on marrying me! Eventually, we'll have control over the Scott family's properties and her mother's too!" Haris replied in a heavy tone as he penetrated deeper inside Stacey.
     Haris's harsh words made Bianca shiver in fear.
     "How will you handle her brother?" Stacey asked, sweat dripping down her forehead.
     "Simple," Haris said with a wicked grin. "Once I control the Scott family, I'll find a way to put him in jail."
     Stacey giggled and moved with Haris, her eyes shining as if she could already taste victory.
     Then, a dark thought crossed her mind, and her expression soured a bit. "I won't let her live comfortably! When you marry her, don't you dare sleep with her even if you share a room!"
     Haris gripped Stacey's waist tightly and moved more forcefully. "What should I do?" he asked, breathless.
     "Hmm... Crash into her car. Make it seem like an accident. Whether she's killed or injured for life, it's up to you!" Stacey didn't hesitate to plan while they were busy. Her face showed determination to get rid of the woman she despised.
     Sweating heavily, Haris smiled and agreed, "Sure, whatever you say."
     As they were about to climax, Bianca shut her eyes, hoping to disappear.
     After quickly getting dressed, Haris and Stacey glanced at Bianca lying on the bed. Satisfied, they left the room with a smirk.
     As soon as the door closed, Bianca opened her eyes, tears flowing down her cheeks, staining the sheets.
     "I was so naive, Haris Carter! I would've trusted you with everything, but you're just heartless, scheming against my family!"
     Anger trembled through her.
     She tried to get out of bed, wanting to flee, but her legs felt heavy.
     The drugs were too powerful; she couldn't even stand up!
     With clenched teeth, she reached for the fruit knife on the bedside table and cut her arm. Blood spilled out, but the pain helped clear her mind.
     As she struggled to her feet, she heard a noise outside the door. Without hesitation, she went to the window and climbed out.
     Seconds later, she heard Stacey and Haris's voices from the room she had left.
     "What the heck? Where is she? Did she escape?"
     "She can't have gone far! If she doesn't sleep with someone tonight, the drug will kill her!"
     With determination, Bianca focused on not looking down, gritting her teeth as she carefully moved from one windowsill to another. Just as she found a steady foothold, a hand suddenly reached out from the adjacent room's window, covering her mouth and swiftly pulling her inside.
     Losing her balance, Bianca instinctively grabbed the man's collar, and they both tumbled to the floor.
     The man ended up on top of her.
     His enticing scent filled Bianca's senses, making the hairs on her arms stand up.
     Her logical side wanted to demand that he get off, but what came out of her mouth was more of a seductive moan.
     "Did Justin send you?"
     In the dim light, the man spoke to her in a calm, soothing voice, which was comforting to Bianca.
     Feeling restless, Bianca placed her hands on his chest, sensing his firm muscles through his shirt. Her heart raced, and the heat inside her intensified.
     She didn't know who Justin was, and she didn't care.
     Right now, all that mattered was staying alive.
     "Are... Are you handsome?" she asked in a weak, hoarse voice.
     Dave Evans frowned slightly.
     Nevertheless, he entertained her question. "I suppose you could say I'm not terrible to look at."
     "Then, at least, you're not ugly."
     Sleeping with a handsome stranger seemed better than being with a homeless man!
     Bianca reached up and touched his face, whispering, "Thank you."
     Then, she leaned in and kissed him passionately.
     The aphrodisiac was so potent that they made love passionately all night long, moving from the floor to the sofa, from the bed to the balcony.
     Their moans and gasps filled the room until they finally fell asleep from exhaustion.
     Bianca wasn't sure how long she had slept. When she opened her eyes, she winced as she tried to sit up. Her body ached from last night, marked with noticeable hickeys.
     Then, she heard running water from the bathroom.
     Her eyes widened. The man she'd been with last night was in the shower!
     Afraid he might hold her accountable for their night together, she quickly dressed and wrote a note thanking him. She left spare change and jewelry on the bedside table as a gesture of gratitude alongside the note.
     With no time to waste, she dashed out of the hotel as fast as she could.
     By the time Dave came out of the bathroom, she was already gone. He glanced around the room, noticing bloodstains on the bed sheet.
     His frown deepened.
     Then, he spotted the items she'd left on the bedside table and chuckled.
     As the heir to the Evans family, CEO of the Phoenix Alliance Group, and a hidden economic powerhouse in the city, Dave couldn't believe a woman would simply leave after using him for a night, leaving behind only a small reward of less than five hundred dollars and a note.
     Dealing with him wasn't that simple!
     Ten minutes later, Dave stood tall, cigarette in hand. He took a long drag, exhaling slowly as he eyed the man kneeling before him.

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