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Chapter 1 You Can Never Become My Mommy!

     "Honey, you're so sweet..."
     In the darkness, the man's husky voice came into Lottie's ears.
     Her hands were tied behind her back so she couldn't move.
     She could not stop the man's movements at all.
     In the darkness, everything was out of control...
     Lottie abruptly opened her eyes, her whole body drenched in cold sweats.
     She covered her hot cheeks. She had been having such a dream all these five years.
     She got up and went to the bathroom to wash her face. The cool water cleared her mind instantly.
     She took a glass and went downstairs to take water.
     "I don't want to do that! I won't marry that old monster!"
     "Ralph of the Chapman family is an old and ugly man. Everyone knows that. No woman in the whole Rexwell is willing to marry him!"
     "He got burned five years ago, and he has become a psychopath after he was disfigured! I heard he's gotten two women killed! I won't marry him!"
     A harsh female voice came from the living room. "Besides, it should be Lottie who marries him! She isn't a virgin anyway. She even gave birth to a baby. She's experienced! It's not a bad deal for her to marry that old monster!"
     "Claudia Green!"
     Kevin Green snapped at her, "Lottie is your sister!"
     Claudia gritted her teeth and cried, "Dad, I'm your real daughter. She is just a child who replaced me in the first place. They made a mistake and you took her back to the family, giving her a rich life. But I have lived a poor life that she was originally supposed to live for eighteen years. I've only just returned to the Green family, and now I have my own business. You can't force me to get married!"
     Eira Scott also spoke up for Claudia, "Claudia has already made a name in the business world and she is an honor to our family. How can you sacrifice her?"
     "Besides, we've been raising Lottie for 23 years. It's time for her to repay us."
     After saying that, the three of them raised their heads simultaneously and looked at Lottie who was standing on the second floor at the same time.
     Lottie's knuckles turned slightly pale as she squeezed the glass of water.
     Lottie understood.
     They wanted to connect with the Chapman family by marriage and didn't want to sacrifice Claudia, so they wanted to sacrifice her.
     She took a deep breath, went downstairs, and reached out her hand toward Kevin, "Agreement."
     Kevin was puzzled, "What?"
     "Since you guys want me to replace Claudia and marry him and said I have to repay you for raising me for so many years, then there must be an agreement, right? Otherwise, if you guys use this as an excuse again and force me to kill or do other bad things, do I have to do it all?"
     Kevin froze for a moment, while Claudia and Eira behind him also froze.
     "Don't you guys want to write?"
     Lottie took the paper and pen, wrote down a few lines, and finally signed her name on it, "Okay, you guys can stop acting. I'll marry him."
     After saying that, she went to the kitchen and took herself a glass of water, and turned around to go upstairs.
     Claudia rushed over and picked up the piece of paper.
     The words on it were as follows.
     "Lottie will marry Ralph in Claudia's place. That way she will completely repay the Green family for raising her up."
     Things went incredibly smooth.
     Claudia looked up at Lottie's back as she went upstairs and murmured, "Mom, is Lottie nuts? She just agreed to marry Ralph. She doesn't want her boyfriend anymore?"
     Eira hastily covered Claudia's mouth and looked up at Lottie's back, fearing that she would regret it.
     Lottie heard everything.
     Two days ago, she did have a boyfriend. She had been in love with him for six years and he was willing to give all the things he had to her.
     But now, there was none.
     No matter whom she would marry, she was just going to live in a new place. It made no difference.
     Three days later, Lottie was sent to the Chapman family.
     Ralph Chapman did not get a marriage license with her but asked her to live in a villa of the Chapman family before making a decision.
     In other words, even though not many women in Rexwell would dare to marry Ralph, Ralph would not just randomly marry a woman.
     Kevin's orders to Lottie were that she must please Mr. Chapman so that he would marry her and invested in the Green Group.
     At night…
     Lottie sat quietly in her bedroom, waiting for Ralph to come.
     The villa suddenly went dark with a snap as the electricity was off.
     Lottie trembled all over.
     She was afraid of the darkness!
     After that night five years ago, she no longer dared to face the darkness alone. Even when sleeping, she had to turn on a night light at the bedside so that she would feel at ease.
     Now, in this strange environment, she was already a bit frightened, and now the power was off!
     She subconsciously hugged her knees, shivering in the darkness.
     Because she was so scared that she didn't even notice that the door of the room was opened.
     In the darkness, something brushed against her foot and covered her hand.
     The sticky and cold thing rubbed against Lottie's hand.
     Lottie's face suddenly turned pale and her blood seemed to be frozen.
     She screamed and moved back so violently that her back ended up hitting the cold and hard wall, and she almost fainted from the pain.
     But in the darkness, the mass of unknown creatures crawled towards her again.
     The raspy and rough voice sounded, "Honey, my wife... I am your husband..."
     With the sound of the voice, the lights in the room were instantly on.
     Lottie finally saw what the mass of unknown creature in front of her was.
     It was a man with a horrible face!
     Perhaps, he couldn't even be called a human being...
     He was hunched like a dwarf, and even his arms and legs were black, making it hard to find where his knuckles were.
     The man, wrapped in a bathrobe, was lying on the edge of the bed and looking at her with his dark eyes.
     And his face could hardly be called a "face".
     His face was crisscrossed with scars, and his features were twisted, making him like an evil spirit that had crawled out of hell!
     Even if Lottie had been mentally prepared before, when looking at this horrible thing calling out to her, she still instinctively screamed out!
     The man giggled, "Honey, why are you screaming? Are you afraid of me?"
     "But you promised to marry me…"
     Lottie was going crazy!
     She climbed off the bed in a panic, trembled, and ran out of the house, not daring to look back at the man again!
     She was so desperate that she didn't even notice that her leg was bleeding from hitting a flower pot in the hallway!
     Watching Lottie's figure disappear from the hallway, the "man" on the bed climbed out of his bathrobe and took off his gloves and mask. A fair and cute face showed up, "Never want to be my mommy!"
     He got off the bed and ran excitedly to the study, "Brother, I've scared off another woman!"
     In the small study, another little boy who looked exactly like him sat with his head down and read a book under the lamp, "Oh."
     Fabian Chapman was not happy and sat down on a small chair, "Can you care more about daddy? He obviously hates women, but Grandpa insisted on finding one fiancée after another for him. This is the third one."
     Elijah Chapman looked up, and his little face looked mature for his age, "I know."
     Fabian got speechless.
     His brother had a super high IQ, but he was always cold and short-spoken, just like his daddy!
     He pouted and ran to a big study on the third floor, and pushed open the door, "Daddy, your third fiancée isn't bold enough either!"

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