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Chapter 1.  "Disgusted"

     It was ten o'clock in the evening, and the moon was beautiful.
     Room 101, Taoer Gate Hotel, top floor.
     There was erotic pant in the pitch-black room.
     Gong Maye took a breath and opened her eyes. She couldn't see clearly, but she could tell her vision was fuzzy and that her body was on fire.
     Someone appeared to be on top of her. She tried to shove this man, but he remained immobile.
     Her mental state was a complete disaster, and she had no idea what was going on.
     She just barely remembered catching up with her fiancé, who had recently returned from a trip overseas. She was so happy that she got drunk.
     Her stepsister then drove her back to her hotel room.
     She never expected to see this when she awoke.
     "Can you tell me who you are?"
     Along with this man's acts, Gong Maye's voice was broken. 
     She lacked the strength to even shove his chest away.
     But all she heard was a loud gasp and a figure was approaching her.
     "Let go of me..." 
     She'd never been like this before. 
     Her lust was sparked by this man, and she was unconsciouslyresponding to him.
     He felt scorching hot and frowned. That didn't seem normal. It seemed unusual to Gong Maye, but she couldn't stop him.
     With his continued beating, she began to lose consciousness and eventually slipped into a drowsy sleep.
     The night was getting darker. The cell phone on the bedside table vibrated forcefully at 3 a. m.
     With a grimace on his face, the guy awoke from his sleep. He looked around at the mess in front of him, and then looked at Gong Maye, whose body was only covered by a thin quilt in bed. His face darkened abruptly.
     Then he grabbed the phone and held it tight. There was barely concealed violence in his eyes.
     He could not believe that someone had actually done such an awful thing as drugging him. Someone appeared to be nearing death.
     He got out of bed and went to the bathroom to shower. Then he exited the room without lingering, as if the woman in bed was only an object deserving of no attention.
     It was the following morning that Gong Maye awoke.
     She had an awful headache the instant she opened her eyes. Her entire body ached and was limp, as if she'd been battered.
     She sat dazed at the head of the bed. The events of the previous night raced before her eyes like a movie, making her shiver with dread.
     Clearly, the man who had sex with her last night was not Xu Fei, her fiancé. In such an odd circumstance, she lost her virginity.
     'What should I do…?
     What should I do?' 
     She hurriedly picked up and put on her clothing from the floor. She simply wanted to get home and shower, and she didn't want to remain here any longer.
     However, as soon as she opened the door, her fiancé, Xu Fei, stood outside the door, looking puzzled. Her stepsister and her father stood at his side.
     "... Xu Fei?" 
     Gong Maye mumbled, unsure of what to say. Her father struck her across the face with a strong slap.
     The mess on the bed and in the room was so unbearable to see.
     "Take a look at what you've done. You have disgraced our family. How come I had to have a daughter like you?"
     "Gong Maye, I'm really disappointed with you," Xu Fei said, clenching his right fist and frowning at her.
     "It isn't what it appears to be. It isn't."
     She desperately shook her head and subconsciously gripped Xu Fei's hand in dread of him leaving. "Last night, I was drunk, so I went back to my room to rest."
     She instantly realized what had happened and looked at Gong Maro, who stood behind her. She was stunned, "You did it, right?  Last night, you drove me back to the motel. Why would you do such a thing to me?"
     When Gong Maro heard such comments, she acted as if she had been harmed. "I'm not sure what you're talking about, sister. I haven't done anything like that."
     "You haven't?" Gong Maye laughed angrily. "Then how come I stayed in someone else's room, how come that man..." 
     With a furious cry, Xu Fei cut short her comments, as if he didn't want to listen to her any longer.
     "You did it yourself, and now you're trying to blame someone else."  Xu Fei just stared at her, as if he was staring at an object. "I've only been gone for half a year, and you're already horny enough to climb into other men's beds?"
     Gong Maye clutched her own arms in terror. Tears streaminged down her cheeks and dripped into the carpet.
     She couldn't believe what Xu Fei said. He'd been with her for three years and was supposed to marry her.
     "Xu Fei," Looking at the man in front of her, she was nearly begging in a low voice. "Please believe me..."
     "Put a stop to it. Your statements make me feel nauseous." He walked towards the door, turning away from her with hatred. "The engagement should be called off. I'm not interested in seeing you again."
     His comments cut right to Gong Maye's heart like a sharp razor. She was heartbroken to the point of being unable to breathe as desperation overtook her.
     "Xu Fei!" 
     Her father grabbed her arm and shoved her to the floor as she stumbled to catch him.
     "What else are you going to do? Don't you think you've done enough to bring shame to the Gong family? Get the hell out of our house from today. I'm not going to have you as my daughter!"
     Gong Maye was taken aback. She was so out of it, and she had no idea how she got home.
     The suitcases had been packed and tossed out the door. Father Gong had even purchased an airline ticket for her so she could pack her belongings and travel abroad.
     "Are you all alright, sister?"
     Gong Maye was frantically gathering her belongings. Then she noticed Gong Maro leisurely walking down the stairwell.
     Gong Maro was not enraged when she saw Gong Maye neglect her. Rather, she burst out laughing, "I'm sure you're curious about how you appeared in that room. I'll tell you what happened. Actually, I was the one who did everything. I want to walk down the aisle with Xu Fei, and I'm sick to my stomach at the thought of you being happy!!"

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