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Chapter 1

     "Come on, Emma, we're getting late," Caroline remarked. Emma nodded and approached her, holding a bag. She sat with Caroline in the backseat, passing the bag to the driver.
     She closed her eyes and laid her head on the window glass, reflecting on how drastically her life had changed. She was assigned the position of a maid. Yes, as a maid. She just had a few alternatives to pick from. She formerly resided in a hostel. She had previously been living with her abusive foster parents. They were severe in their penalties. Her body was nearly constantly covered in bruises when she lived with them.
     After beating her one frigid winter night, her foster father decided to throw her outside their house. The night's coldness pierced her sensitive skin like knives. She was weeping and curled up in a ball when a warm hand landed on her shoulder. Emma raised her eyes to find a woman in her late forties. Her bulging crimson eyes were directed at the woman in front of her, and her gaze begged the woman to help her.
     The woman's eyes welled up when she saw her in such a state. She quickly took off her coat and put it over the tiny child. Emma was around six years old.
     Caroline Garcia, the lady, introduced herself; she understood it wasn't the best time to tell the young girl about herself, but she was anxious to help her. Emma needed to know she was in excellent hands with her.
     Miss Garcia looked for her as if she were her blood, which Emma had never experienced. She was a single woman in her late forties, but her gorgeous blonde hair and grey eyes gave her the appearance of being younger. She reported Emma's abusive parents to the police, and Miss Garcia was ultimately given custody of Emma after two years of struggling and running to court.
     After that terrifying night, little Emma finally received the better life she had always desired. Emma had been with her for five years, and it was tough for her to leave her past behind and start over. She had frequent nightmares and panic attacks, but everything was better than it had been before. Emma never sought luxury; she simply longed to live without fear of being mistreated, despite the fact that Miss Garcia could not offer her the most sumptuous living.
     Miss Garcia didn't have a profitable profession, and living with her became increasingly difficult as Emma couldn't bear the thought of her working day and night only to feed her thrice a day.
     Being unable to pay for heavy expenses, Emma decided to live in a hostel and finish her education there. Caroline insisted on Emma staying with her, but the girl was adamant. She didn't want to trouble her godmother anymore.
     Her life in that institution was unknown to everyone, but it changed her as a person. Just like every event in her life. After the shutdown of the institution, Emma went back home reluctantly, knowing Miss Garcia's financial condition wasn't any better, but she had nowhere else to go.
     Garcia was happy to have her back, but the sixteen-year-old girl that came back was not the same little girl she had found twelve years ago.
     She was different and Garcia could see it. However, she never questioned her.
     The announcement of the institution shook everyone as it was really unexpected. Emma wasn't at ease, she wanted to help Garcia, but how?
     She contacted a teacher from that school, Miss Will. She was a decent teacher who decided to help Emma out of her miserable situation.
     That was when she found out about the vacant position of a maid in a wealthy family.
     Concern and anxiety pervade her existence. Was it worth it for her to work as a maid in the first place? After hearing it, her eyes filled with tears and she swallowed the lump in her throat as she shook her head no. A maid was the last thing in her thoughts when she found out how bad her life had turned out.
     To save herself and Miss Garcia, she had no option. So, she and her teacher discussed the suggestion.
     Angered, Miss Garcia walked away from them without saying a word. But, Emma managed to persuade her to approve of the choice.
     "What are you thinking my child?" Miss Garcia's voice snapped her out of her thoughts.
     "Nothing Caroline," Emma said and smiled at her which she returned gladly.
     "I'm sorry my child. I wish I could income enough money so th-" before she could finish it Emma stopped her.
     "No, Caroline please don't say that. You don't know what you have done for me. You are the most important part of my life and I cannot thank you enough for that," she stopped as a tear escaped her eyes. She wiped the tears from Emma's flushed red cheeks and kissed her forehead.
     "Thank you, my child. I hope you will not be in misery now. I have heard that Knights are very rich. Their servants live in ravish, they get good food even," she said with relief. Emma never knew that she was getting a rich owner.
     "I also hope the same, Caroline," she replied.
     The command of the King's. They were the richest folks in the country. And Emma will be working for them, as a maid. She let out a sigh and pondered the idea. She was inquisitive about the people that lived there. They sent a car to pick up their maid, and she was shocked at the sight of it. Wealthy individuals are haughty, as Mrs. Will said. To them, it was fun to "show off" their wealth to others. Emma shook her head and tried to fall asleep, closing her eyes.
     *After an hour*
     The soft voice of Miss Garcia, the voice she would hear less of that day, greeted her with, "Emma, honey, wake up, we're here." Her eyelids flickered open at the sound. She gently cleaned her blurry eyes with the backs of her palms. As soon as she was confident that the weariness was gone she grabbed her luggage and got out of the car. In disbelief, she looked up and saw the enormous house in front of her. This place is enormous!
     That was not what she had expected! That was no average home; it was a castle! It comes with a linked pool and a marble-built house. It was really amazing. Emma was interested to see what it looked like on the inside.
     "It's beautiful, isn't it?" Miss Garcia asked. She nodded her head and responded.
     "Yes, Caroline it's wonderful". Two guards approached them a few minutes later. Emma flinched when she saw them. They seemed to be massive and terrifying. They collected her luggage and proceeded inside, instructing them to follow. When she saw the inside of the house, she exclaimed even more. It looked to be both beautiful and modern.
     They were standing there, gazing at every corner their eyes could reach, until a lady walked in.
     "Hello there, are you the new maid?" She asked her politely.
     "Oh yes, ma'am I am" Emma replied. "Emma Wilson," as much as she hated her legal name, she couldn't change her last name.
     "I'm Martha Steve and I'm also the maid here more like the head of the maids as I have been here for years," she said and chuckled.
     Emma smiled at her. "Where is Mrs. King?" Miss Garcia asked.
     "Oh well, she has some important meeting to attend that's why I came instead." She replied.
     "Let's go and see your room," she said and motioned them to follow her.
     Her legs began to ache as a result of the amount of steps she had to take to reach the maid headquarters. The floors were gleaming, and the inside was lavishly decorated with exquisite accessories. The walls were painted a creamy white color, and pictures adorned nearly every corner. The King's house was magnificent. Emma thought about how she could only work and not dwell in a place like this.
     She noticed that they passed through seven bedrooms before coming to a halt at the end of the hall at the maid headquarters area. Martha came to a complete stop and opened a door. The room was rather decent, in fact, exceptionally neat and clean for a maid. It was simply furnished with a single bed, a wardrobe, a desk, and a mirror. It was pleasant for Emma.
     "So how do you like your room?" Martha asked with a grin.
     "It's really good," Emma smiled. But her smile soon faded when she heard the faded sobs of Miss Garcia behind her, she turned around and hugged her tight without saying anything. She would miss her a lot.
     "Be a good girl, my child," she whispered. Emma could feel the sadness in her voice.
     "I will, Caroline," she muttered sadly.
     "Please take care of her Martha, she is everything I got."
     "Don't worry Caroline she will be alright here." They both hugged.
     After a few seconds, Miss Garcia left the house. Emma and Martha led her to the front entrance. It broke her heart to watch her leave. But she didn't have a choice. Everything was done for Garcia's advantage.
     She remained in front of the door for about five minutes, watching Miss Garcia drive away from the house. Her attention was pulled to the sprawling garden, which spanned more than 100 yards and was encircled by whitewashed painted walls.
     She smiled at the wonderful creation of nature in front of her for the first time in a long time.

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