My Wife Is So Sweet

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Natalia discovered that her boyfriend was having an affair with her sister Jessica who was pregnant! Drunken and unconscious, Natalia married Archie. a wealthy and influential business tycoon, and became Mrs. Mccarthy. Natalia was a professional PR, promoting pop stars and running her own company. Besides, she was a super racer and world-famous designer! How talented she was! Gradually, she had been transformed from a dumped poor girl into a goddess worshipped by millions of people, and her suitors could queue up from the capital to City J. Overwhelmed by her super talent and popularity, Mr. Archie Mccarthy showed a great sense of possession over her and declared to the world that she was no longer available. Out of nowhere, a little cutie ran up to Natalia and hugged her leg, exclaiming, "Daddy, she is mine!"

TrueLove Sweet Boss/CEO Romance Marriage Possessive
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