Mr. Brown, Spoil Me

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Elena came home and caught her fiance having sex with her sister Emma. They had been cheating on her and betrayed her together. What was more, they even drugged her and sent her to Logan's bed...Logan Brown, the dream lover of every woman in H city, was rich, handsome and incredibly powerful and most of all, he was Emma's fiance. But Emma didn't want to marry him because an accident that happened two years ago caused his disability and he had to spend the rest of his life on the wheelchair. After that steamy night, Elena woke up and found herself forced to marry Logan by Emma and her dad to exchange for the work capital for her family. Elena was desperate and had no choice. She sacrificed herself for her family and married Logan. But just when she thought she was hopeless, she seemed to find Logan different from what rumors said. Would she survive Emma's vicious tricks? Would she find her true love? Or was everything just planned well beforehand?

Marriage Sweet Boss/CEO TrueLove Romance Billionaire Love-Triangle
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