Chasing His Ex-wife

Nia Tessy
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"I will give you an interest of one million dollars once we regain our lost glory," Nelly promised. "Really? Are you the only one who doesn't know my net worth?" Ivan questioned. "Fine. What do you want, Ivan?" "Marry me." Nelly Stratford was forced to approach her sworn enemy, the proud Ivan Landers, to beg for money. Their family business was dwindling and her father was in a coma. The money to foot the hospital bill was not in sight. Left with no other option, she accepts his marriage proposal. Nelly spent the next one year proving her worth. She did everything to please Ivan because she had fallen in love with him but his heart was far away. He only loved a certain girl who saved his life seven years ago. Ivan told her to her face that he would never love her. Two weeks later, he came back to the house he shared with her. He saw the divorce papers she left him alongside the ring he gave the girl who saved him seven years ago. Pain and regret burst out in his chest, but this time, he couldn't find her anywhere. When she returns, its not for love this time, but for vengeance. Will she succeed or will she let her love for Ivan take the upper hand?

TrueLove Suspense Revenge Love-Triangle Billionaire
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