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Ralph, the alpha of the Moonrise pack, has spent 29 years without a mate. On his 30th birthday, which is in six months, he will lose his wolf as a punishment from the moon goddess. This punishment was given to him for burning his human stepfather alive. To keep his wolf, he must find a mate. However, the moon goddess has made it difficult for him to accept any potential mates by placing a strong aura on him that causes him to reject them against his will. Ralph and his pack hold a deep hatred forhumans, to the point where they show no mercy whenever they encounter one.To avoid further harm to humans, they have distanced themselves from them. However, fate has brought him another mate who happens to be human. A bold human mate, Keilah, who rejected his rejection unknowingly. Ralph despises humans, but the thread between him and this human girl Keilah is now tied. What happens next? Will he learn to love her in order to keep his wolf? And if so, how will his people, as well as other packs he has no control over, react? Can he protect her from their hostility?

Badboy Werewolf/Vampire Suspense Fantasy Love-Triangle Possessive Paranormal Alpha
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