My Mate, My Hate

Atuha Anna
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What do you do when your mate turns out to be the Alpha of the pack you and your people have lived to hate? Blue Blood pack and Blacktooth Guardians pack have never been on good terms ever! Arya, the daughter of the Alpha of Blue Blood pack has never desired anything in her life. She always gets everything she wants, in her way, until the day she strays into Logan's territory. He is a ruthless and arrogant ruler that has made Blacktooth Guardians the strongest pack in the entire land. He doesn't compromise with anyone who dares to meddle with his pack, especially intruders. But something, he can't understand changes his way of seeing things when Arya is brought into his eyes. Arya is beautiful, flawless and she is his mate, and he has all the intentions of making her his. He is determined on keeping her against his own consciousness, his pack and his fellow leaders, against the entire Blue Blood pack, and even against her own will! It's a mixture of strong emotions; love and hate that sets off an explosion of events that leaves them reeling. With shock. With truth. With desire.

Alpha Paranormal Sweet Possessive Fantasy Werewolf/Vampire TrueLove
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