Mummy & Daddy's Naughty Diary (Erotica)

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What if my Mommy and Daddy do make porn? What if he satiates a horny housewife and her twins? What is the mystery behind Mommy and Daddy? This was no ordinary diary... After a series of daring exploits, a mysterious event occurred. Read more to find out... NB: This book contains first hand stories/tales of horny couples and their erotic sexscapades. (Enjoy reading) *********** Excerpt... My hands stroked up and down her body, brushing those young titties of hers. I loved the feel of her plump breasts as I sodomized her with my big dick. I couldn't wait to tell my cuckqueen wife how much fun I had today. Ashley would suck my dick so hard as I told her the story. Then I would fuck her as she squealed in her delight at being cheated upon. She really was the perfect wife. I pumped away at Riley's asshole. I savored burying into her again and again. It was just a wonderful treat to fuck her like this. I couldn't get over how amazing her anal sheath felt squeezing about me. I would explode fucking this tight asshole. Just erupt.

TrueLove 18+ Love-Triangle Marriage Billionaire Sweet Romance Adult Attractive Possessive Boss/CEO
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