The Alpha Can't Sense His Mate

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Alpha Zadok is a ruthless Alpha and King of the BloodHound pack. After a betrayal from the witches that saw to the killing of his parents and close extermination of his people, he retaliates and eradicates the entire witch clan in his territory. After the extermination, he is met with the cruel reality of the fact that he has been placed with a curse that hinders him from sensing his mate. When an unsuspecting and powerless witch gets teleported to the wrong location and kills a wolf in her wake, Zadok is breathing fire and ready to kill. What happens when he finds out she just might be the salvation of his pack, and ultimately, his mate? Ithra is a powerless witch from the Celts clan of witches. When her coven and home is threatened by a hole in the forcefield that protects her people from the underworld, she must embark on a journey to save her clan. A spell gone wrong lands her into the wrong location, and eventual trouble at the hands of a ruthless Alpha. With a goal to save her community, and a destiny she cannot avoid, what happens when she falls in love with the greatest enemy of her kind?

Werewolf/Vampire Romance Paranormal Alpha Possessive Love-Triangle Fantasy Goodgirl TrueLove Powerful Suspense
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