Daddies Brat

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Warning!!! Brutal Explicit Naughty Seductive Hardcore Adult Sex Erotic Taboo Sexy Short Stories Compilation: Hot Brats, Age Gap, Dirty Family, Virgin First Time, Dark Romance. Every thrust, and hear myself starting to chant, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck! Yes! Yes! OH FUCK!" I can feel another orgasm building in me and my legs are shaking from more than just his thrusts. He grunts and growls with every stroke and I'm hoping he's almost there too. I begin to tremble and feel shivers radiating from my pussy, my climax suddenly building and as I begin to cum I shout, "Malik!! Please, please, now, do it!" In answer, he slams into me so hard my head is driven into the pillow, once, twice, three times. And with the fourth, he growls long and low and bucks against me, his cum spurting so hard I can feel it exploding into me. His body is still slowly pounding against my ass, and with every thrust he growls again, filling me up with his hot cream. My orgasm goes on and on and I can't seem to regain control. I am shaking and crying and gasping, "Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby," over and over. He leans over and kisses my back, which helps a lot, and I am just limp in his hands, gasping. He lays his cheek lightly on my back, and murmurs, "Oh Rahda, oh God, baby."

Goodgirl 18+ Love-Triangle Sweet Romance Adult 21+ Attractive Hooligans Powerful Beauty TrueLove Boss/CEO Billionaire
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