The Restless Mrs. Finn

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Ruby Harold, who had been exiled, was suddenly recovered by the Harold family, who thought it was an ordinary replacement marriage, but did not want her identity to be stripped clean by a mysterious man, Ruby Harold was immediately upset and vowed to fight this man to the end, so - "Mr. Finn, madam she jumped into the river." "Don't worry she can go to the national team for diving." "Mr. Finn, madam bought a lot of bad companies back." "That was originally the one I was going to acquire." "Mr. Finn, madam wants a divorce--" Divorce? Mr. Finn coldly pulled his lips, went straight home and blocked her in the room, stepping closer like a cheetah: "Mrs. Finn, I heard that you want to divorce?" Ruby Harold sneered: "Pooh, I'm only widowed, not divorced!"

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