My Wife is a Sassy Queen

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"When we grow up, you should fall in love with me, woo me, propose to me, marry me, and love and cherish me for the rest of your life. You must treat me like a Queen." Lil told the brooding handsome boy. "But these are all the things I should do. What will you do?" Nat asked the chirpy little girl in front of him. "I will grow up to be an outstanding lady and give you a happy family, so you can smile every day." She replied matter-of-factly. Thirteen years later on the day of their marriage, he whispered to her, "Just because you managed to scheme your way into becoming Mrs. Smith, don't think of yourself as my wife. You will have no place in my heart or my life." What will happen when they cross paths seven years later as spouses turned strangers turned business partners? He has already forgotten he was even married, she could never forget him, try as she may. But she has her own secrets to protect and can't tell him who he is to her as he tries to navigate his feelings.

Sweet Marriage TrueLove Romance Goodgirl
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