Vampire King's Obsession

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Lilly, a young schoolgirl has always wanted nothing, but to make her poor family proud, and be with someone that loves her for who she is. After suffering heartbreak at the hands of her first love, Raymond, who left her with a broken heart, for a reason, she vowed never to fall in love with any man. Her hatred for him increased after she found out that he was a vampire. Lilly decided to give love a chance after a while, as she found herself developing feelings for Kai Ryder, her mafia Ceo boss. She was scared that what happened earlier would repeat itself, but then, she was already in love with him. What happens when she found out that her boss is not who he appears to be? Who is Kai?...

Werewolf/Vampire Tortured love Alpha Fantasy Paranormal Boss/CEO Attractive Mafia Hot New
Updated 2 weeks ago
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