President, Your Child Ran Away

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Bonnie Morgan loved Sebastian Grant for ten years, while it's not until she's giving birth to her babies, she found herself was just a substitute for his ex-love. Bella Jones stole Bonnie's babies and set fire to kill Bonnie. Five years later, Bonnie came back as a designer, Annie, with three cute babies and the determination to revenge. She did destroy Bella. She thought she could kill Sebastian as she'd planned and dance with her kids beside Sebastian's grave for they could live a happy life with his legacy, billions of dollars... Andrew: Mommy, I'll get an international MVP title in this round to cheer for your good revenge! Lukas: Mommy, you just have to dress up nicely, and I will make money for you! Erika: Oops! Mommy, you are in poor luck today, especially luck about love! After hearing Erika's words, Sebastian appeared, leaning over and whispering to Bonnie, "I heard you go around telling people that I'm dead?"

Romance Hot New Sweet Revenge TrueLove Boss/CEO Urban
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