My Hooligan Lover (My Billionaire Mafia)

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**.....In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior..... ** "How deep is the ocean? Without knowing the depths you can't rule over it. That is how you should be Zoya. Be like the ocean no one can rule." Amulya told her daughter. "People like us have no one to call our own, people like us live for alms. I won't always be with you forever my child, but promise me, I don't know how you are going to do it but you should become wealthy and help the likes of us. Be dominant and strong so that when you come to face your father one day, he will be scared of you. Others are scared of him, but you, let him be scared of you, promise me Zoya." "I promise you mother." Zoya promised. "But tell me, who is my father?" "Once you see him, you will know. He is feared all over India. I can't tell you his name, they might be watching my every move to end our lives." Amulya told her child looking around her in fear. "But don't worry my child, I will be alive till I have to hold your hand in the dark and make you walk through it even when you are scared of the dark, then I will teach you to even leave my hand and stand strong against others and walk through the darkness without fear." Zoya, a ten year old poor girl became alone when her mother, (Amulya a 22 year old woman who escape from a well feared man that made her his sex slave at the age of 11), died in an accident alongside with her adopted sister. "Even in your final breath. Do remember your promise. Thorny paths are what you will find in this world. Even if the earth burns as a barrier, cross it and come. Without giving up your persistence, stand firmly in front Zoya." This is the story of Zoya who went beyond destiny to become India number 1 most feared Don and fulfilling her late mother's wish, then, her mother's past came knocking on her door.

Suspense Mafia Betrayal Revenge Love-Triangle Marriage Romance Powerful Hooligans Doctor
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