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"He is not yours!" She affirms with a confident and unwavering look. "Whose child is he then?" I question, my eyes wandering to the boy with piercing blue eyes like mine. Celine narrows her eyes with her hands clenched, "He is mine."  "What about his father? Who is he?" I drop my hand lazily and watched her intensely. "That is none of your business." She said defensively. "Then it means he is mine then and I am taking him," I conclude with a smile and walk past her to pick up the child who is already dozing off.  "No, no, no!" Celine chants. "Please, don't take him away. I beg you!" **** After realizing she was pregnant which was not part of the deal she made with Bryan Martinez, Celine left even before the agreed time to keep the secret. When they meet again and he discovered the secret she was hiding from him, he decided to punish her by taking custody of the child. What will happen when the baby wants his mother close to him? Will this reunion brighten up the love between them before her departure? And how sweet will Bryan's revenge be for Celine?

Romance Tortured love Marriage Possessive Revenge TrueLove Billionaire
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