The Alpha Prince's Mate

Wunmi Ijaola
257 reading

Ashely... He belongs to the family of god war band which have to be the closest thing in the world, I mean when it comes to possessing super powers and being tag as special but trust me, his powers come with responsibility, something his Dad the Alpha king himself never fails to tell them each time. Everything is going on fine with us, regarding our god, special power, way of living, our mates....Oh Mate... They all get to know who their mates are even before they turned teen. Here we go, Everyone has found their own mates, Ashley on the other hand has searched almost every ancestry to find his. But seems like she's nowhere to be found, she's probably died and if she isn' t, where in the world is his own Mate?

Werewolf/Vampire Possessive Adult Alpha Paranormal Suspense Fantasy
Updated finished
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