Alpha's Other Halfs

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NO!!! This can't be happening... No!!! Tears rolled down my eyes as I watched her lifeless body on the floor, covered in blood with her cloth torn apart. I fell to my feet as I walked toward her. "Mother!!!" I let out a loud cry. "It's okay, young master," Murphy said as he hugged me tightly. "We have to leave now, I sense danger coming" he added Still shocked at my mother's death, Willow dragged me out of the room to the stables. He placed his hands on my shoulders and said "You have to be strong, you have to stay alive just like you promised your mother." We have to... "Get behind me," Willow said as if he sensed danger He looked around but didn't see anything. "Hurry, get on the horse now," he said Quickly, I hurried and got on the horse and he joined me on the same horse Hahhh!!! We rode off into the woods. Suddenly our horse stop and refused to move any further. And was just turning around. Murphy calmed the horse down and came down. "When I say run, you run. Understood?" Willow said. Who and what was after them, what is going to happen? Read now to find out.

Alpha Werewolf/Vampire Teen BETA OMEGA Paranormal Romance Tortured love Fantasy
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