Daisy's Secret Crush

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Daisy Poppy Carter has always been around Anderson boys. But the only one who became her secret crush was Theo. But Theo’s hoards of girlfriends put her in a difficult position with her feelings. So she left everything to fate. Until one minor incident changed her perspective on things. Her return and a few encounters with Theo have her on the road to making at least one go for him. On the other hand, Theo Hunter Anderson had never looked at Daisy in that light because of two reasons. The first reason is that she is his father's goddaughter, and the second reason is that he doesn't have to. In the meantime, his life changes when his Mom makes a condition, and Daisy is part of it. Despite Theo's efforts, fate intervenes again and again in his life. Would they be willing to give each other a chance? Would Theo be able to deny Daisy's advances? Would Daisy be able to gain Theo's love? Disclaimer:- This is a work of fiction. Any name, place or thing resembling real life is just a coincidence and used for fictional purposes. This book is purely based on the author's imagination and does not purposely want to hurt anyone's feelings. Please forget any mistakes made and enjoy the story. Thank you.

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