Mr. CEO Sassy Bride

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“Congratulations, Leilani Hernandez. You're qualified to be my bride for the next three months. So, come forward, and let's have the deal signed,” ——— She's very pretty with charms and grace to make any man submit to her will. However, one cannot be blessed with all the good qualities of life. Very pretty Leilani Hernandez was ill-mannered and this deterred her from getting a lasting job. She had a duty to take care of her crippled brother, but she was out of work and her brother's health was deteriorating. Nelson Carter is thirty years old. A billionaire who is as cold as ice. Perfectly built body and devilishly attractive. Nelson believed in a few things in life. Love and getting married weren't any of those things, but his Aunt—the only family he had left wanted him to get married and he was left with no choice but to please her. Since he wasn't romantically involved with any woman at that time, organizing an interview to select the best bride for him was the only idea he could muster up after a long thought. What happens when the man Leilani lashed out at on her way to her new job interview that morning turns out to be the head interviewer? He wasn't interested at first, but her fierceness grabbed his attention. Nelson picked out Leilani amidst the hundreds of women who wanted to be his bride. But he had his intentions in his mind— to break her wings, ruin her and make her pay for her rudeness towards him. Leilani knew she was doomed when Nelson stepped right in front of her with a sly smile playing on his lips. Her brother was sick and she was determined to do all it took to save his life. So will she agree?

Billionaire Sweet Boss/CEO Romance Arranged Marriage Attractive
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