His Despair.

S.N Nina Arthur
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"Don't make me say this again," He said, his voice hard, "Spread your legs wide for me, Love, Or You will be punished," Arthur Spencer, 30 years old C.E.O. and Golden heir of the world's most enormous business empire, Spencer Enterprises, he's a powerful billionaire and an eligible bachelor of New York City, He's cold, Self-centred, Impulsive, and extremely possessive. He has the power to destroy anyone's life in just a blink of an eye, and his family is acknowledged as Dark Royalty. Davina Ellis, a divorced 27 years old sweet, and naive woman, works as a restaurant manager at Neens Restaurant. With her hard work and determination in just three years, she made the restaurant more popular and successful than other branches of it. *** What happens when Arthur discovers that It was Davina's husband, with whom Olivia, his fiancee and the love of his life had an affair and chose to leave him?

TrueLove Counterattack Badboy Horror Suspense 18+ Betrayal Revenge Love-Triangle Billionaire
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