Claimed by the Bikers A Menage

PR Brady
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Raine escaped a bad relationship. She gets a job in a biker bar. Jax has his sites set on her. He’s never been a one woman man. Can he be for her? Club woman create problems, and her ex shows up. Can the club protect her? Kim’s her best friend. She’s in love with Ice. The attraction and chemistry is there, but Ice fights it. He pushes her away to try to protect her. When she ends up taken by another club, he changes his mind. Sam’s her best friend. Her nor Smokey do relationships. Things change and they meet Snake. Feelings get in the way and they end the threesome. Sam gets pregnant, as Smokey's ex returns. Smokey wrecks his bike, ends up in a coma. Snake returns. 2nd Gen. Maverick loves Hanna. These two clash heavily. Smokey has a surprise daughter show up. Someone ends up in the grave. Hanna gets a stalker. Jade ends up pregnant by Levi who's joined the army. Maddox falls in love with Jasmine. Lexi falls in love with a biker in another club. Fast paced action with drama too.

TrueLove Badboy Suspense 18+ Love-Triangle Possessive Marriage Sweet Attractive Adult Romance Goodgirl
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