Arranged Bratva Love

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What do you do when you know you are about to be murdered? I know I am not the most elegant girl.I’m hated. Never the first choice. I was given to Slavik, a deadly, fearsome man in the Volkov Bratva. He was handsome as hell. Married into the world of the Bratva, I have to learn to survive. My husband doesn’t pay me attention, but the longer he ignores me, the longer I’ll live. I never wanted to grow close to Slavik because once I would’ve started annoying him, my game would’ve been off. Trouble is brewing in the Volkov Bratva. It’s dangerous, and I know it’s only a matter of time before I’m killed because I’m the stranger. The enemy. Slavik doesn’t love me. I’m nothing more than a duty to him. I’m an obligation, but when he finally notices me, his touches set me on fire. Does he know I’m loyal to him? My life is in his hands, and I fear I will never be the same again. Not until he started to fall for me day by day which was dangerous but worth surviving for.

Romance Arranged Marriage Tragedy Tortured love Possessive Love-Triangle Revenge TrueLove Boss/CEO Billionaire
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