The Mate He Hates

Blessings ezekiel
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I, Alpha Edward Parker, swear that I will keep you tied to me until I make you pay for what you did to my mate," he swore, gripping my chin in a bruising hold. “Not only will you wish for death, but you will beg for it, and it will be too far from you.” I could feel the eyes of the whole pack on us. They probably came to experience a normal wedding, but that couldn't be further from the truth. I was being married off to a groom because he wanted revenge. Tears welled, and I wanted to scream, “I am your mate; I’m the one who saved you, not her.” But I knew no one would believe me. I was his mate, how could he not recognize me? Eight years ago, Amanda happened to save a total stranger, but due to a string of misunderstandings, her sister took her place. The stranger then promised a vow of betrothal to his savior. Not seeing any use in correcting the error, Amanda allowed it. That was her biggest mistake because the stranger ended up being her own mate. Caught in a web of lies and confusion, she decides to set herself free by speaking the truth. But her plans are thwarted when her sister turns up dead, and she is pinned as the main suspect. A mate out to seek revenge for another, a forced marriage, an underlying plot, a web of lies, and many dark secrets. How can Amanda navigate all these without losing sight of herself? How will she speak the truth when she has already lost her voice and has been destroyed by her own mate?

Attractive Alpha Powerful Beauty Paranormal Adult Romance Marriage Possessive Revenge Fantasy Werewolf/Vampire Goodgirl 18+ Vampire TrueLove
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