Luna On The Run!

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Marked and mated, Luna Ariel lives her ultimate life alongside her fated mate, Alpha Gorgio of Eclipse Howl, the most handsome and fierce leader in the werewolf community worldwide. Ever since realizing their destined bond, Gorgio and Ariel have remained bound together. As a notorious werewolf leader who has both instilled fear and garnered respect from his pack. And his mate is the daughter of the Alpha King, a skilled fighter proficient in martial arts. The Alpha adores his Luna, never takes his eyes off her. Until she leaves for the General Meeting of the Council of Alphas to represent Gorgio in the Midnight Moon pack. And there's where disaster strikes: Alpha Zane also senses her as his fated mate, and then Ariel realizes she actually has two mates. To make matters worse, Alpha Zane is Gorgio's nemesis and both Alphas are constantly fighting over territory. Heartbroken and unable to confess this mess to the possessive Gorgio, Ariel flees to Human Town. Despite being deeply in love with him and committing herself forever to fidelity, she understands that betraying his trust will be ruinous for their relationship. But neither of her mates is willing to give her up. 'You cannot evade the will of the Moon Goddess. Return, my mate and let's finish our mating process. I eagerly await your arrival,' echoes through the weak link with Alpha Zane. But in the iron mate bond, she hears another call, longing yet tender. 'Where are you, my Luna? You know I can't go on without you, I need you here, always. Remember your promise to love me forever.' Devastated, she listens to the two mates, not knowing what to do. But Ariel knows she can't run for long and must face this twist of fate. Until her sister offers Alpha Gorgio a great solution... or so it seems...

TrueLove Werewolf/Vampire Betrayal Love-Triangle Possessive Romance
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