Hell Marriage

Joy Tyk
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I wish we hadn't wasted so much " time ......." " shhhh, what matters is that we are together and in love the past doesn't matter anyways and we shouldn't let it stop us" Ava said "But I shouldn't have believed the things they said about you, I should have tried to listen to you but I didn't, and that was my greatest mistake" He replied a little sad "It doesn't matter, you believed them because you trust them, you grew up with them around you, anyways the past doesn't count, our future and present does" Ava said, and he nodded knowingly slipping off the dress from her shoulder Connor donnacha prince of myths and the only full pure blooded vampire alive. Charming, Secretive, handsome and smart he heads donnacha companies and fate happens to mate him with a wolf without a wolf. And here's a news flash, he doesn't believe in the moon Goddess, he believes she (selene) has lost her abilities and senses altogether mating him and a wolf. Ava Donovan descendant of the moon goddess, enslaved in a war to black canyon vampires and mate to the most powerful vampire prince of all times. Ava a wolf without a wolf. And the first Vampire Lover/mate to give birth to an hybrid.

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