The Alpha's Hidden Prophecy

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Damon Alamander. He's not just an alpha, he is THE ALPHA. Every pack knows his name, every woman wants to be his Luna. He is rude and arrogant and feared and respected by all that is until he meets his mate. Lianna Redwoods is a rogue on the run looking for safety anywhere she can find it. She has a secret she keeps and a prophecy to fulfill. What happens when she lands on Alpha Damon's territory where rogues are instantly killed. Damon is the alpha that other Alpha's want to be like and envy but he has a secret bigger than any other so what happens when the true prophecy comes to light and everyone knows that he isn't what he claims to be and maybe even something more? The Alpha's Hidden Prophecy is a thrilling book that captures your attention from the first paragraph. Read to experience the hate, love, betrayals and hidden secrets and discover how friends turn to enemies and enemies turn to friends. Read to find out what the Alpha's Hidden Prophecy is.

Alpha Powerful Paranormal Revenge Vampire Fantasy Suspense Werewolf/Vampire TrueLove
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