The Alpha's Triple Lunas

Princess Treasure Chuks
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Abused by their Uncle, emotionally and physically, for fifteen years, three sisters blindly accept to be the wife of a Lone True Alpha Werewolf. The goal was to escape their Uncle's torture and live in peace with their newfound brother but tide changes when they grow attached to the lone wolf. Scott never expected to have three Lunas in one day and accepted it as luck but his luck runs out when the evil Dragon Queen puts a bounty on the head of his three Lunas. The sisters never expect to become entangled with magic and dragons but as Lunas, they took their place besides the Alpha’s side. Which sister would finally get the title of Luna Queen? And is there really no secret of their Alpha husband and the Dragon Queen. Read to find out how the outrageous adventure and love story rolled in.

TrueLove Werewolf/Vampire Love-Triangle Romance Arranged Marriage Alpha Attractive
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