Don Marcello, Lord Of Desire

Atuha Anna
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Marcello is a young Italian boss, who has built his empire on total intolerance and violence. Elsa's father is murdered in the most ruthless way, which gets Don Marcello involved, and his life entangled with this young mafia's daughter. He kidnaps her, claiming his aim is to protect her from her father's murderers but it certainly does not seem like it because he is possessive and won't let her go! Elsa is no innocent good girl either, she is more than ready to revenge her father's death and no handsome possessive devil can keep her caged and make her sip tea while her father's murder enjoys her family's downfall! Marcello and Elsa's life has to change, in a way that has them reeling with emotion, lust, passion, and dark secrets, and surely nothing will ever be the same again for the both of them.

Urban Marriage Mafia Possessive Revenge Betrayal
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