Accidentally Slept With The Ruthless Billionaire

Anna Shannel Lin
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She came from a broken family when her parents got divorced. She chose to live with her dad as she pitied him, but then he brought home another woman and her child, making her feel abandoned all over again. On top of that, her fiancé turned out to be a jerk who cheated on her with her stepmom, and they were plotting to steal Bianca's inheritance. The day before announcing their engagement, her stepmom and fiancé drugged her, and she ended up sleeping with a stranger. To get back at them, she hired an online boyfriend to ruin her engagement. But she didn't know this fake boyfriend was a secret billionaire heir to a huge conglomerate. **** Bianca laughed, trying to act calm. "We're living together now, but let's just be friends. Our engagement is fake. Why do you keep bringing it up? Do you think I'm rich, and you can get something from me by pretending we're still engaged?" Dave looked angry and confused. He couldn't believe she thought he was using her. How ridiculous! "Huh!" Domenic snorted, feeling hurt and embarrassed, his eyes turning red. "I enjoyed playing along with you. You're like a wild kitten I picked up months ago, ready to fight back against your enemies. Honey, remember, you're the one who needed my help desperately, and now you're ditching me? Nice try!" Dave quickly leaned in and kissed her passionately without giving her a chance to pull away.

TrueLove Betrayal Possessive Billionaire Boss/CEO Tragedy
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